Project Description

Propulsion Hydraulics

There are scenarios where it would be unwise to drive a shaft by a conventional set-up of engine and gearbox. In this case, it might be preferable to drive the propeller shaft by means of a hydraulic motor.

A hydraulic vane pump is built-in to the engine in the location of the gearbox. The pump draws hydraulic fluid from a storage tank and delivers it under pressure to the speed and direction of the control valve. This hydraulic motor drives the propeller shaft via a flexible coupling. The control valve regulates the course and volume of hydraulic flow to the hydraulic vane motor, which can then rotate clockwise or counterclockwise as selected.

The VETUS system customs a hydraulic pump and motor with fixed swept volumes. The difference in volume between the vane pump and the hydraulic motor are achieved through the transmission ratios in the propulsion system.


Controllable Propeller HPU

  • Custom Design
  • Flow rating 200 l/pm
  • Pressure Rating 207 BarG
  • High G Shock Naval Application

Thruster Steering HPU

  • Custom Design
  • Flow rating 60 l/pm
  • Pressure rating 207 BarG

Thruster Lubrication

  • Custom Design
  • Flow rate 25 l/pm
  • Pressure rating 15 BarG
  • Lubrication & Cooling

HPU Upgrade Packages

  • Upgrade of systems to meet changing regulations (EAL)
  • Upgrade of systems to increase efficiencies(IE3-E-Motors)
  • Service & Maintenance

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